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Business intelligence (BI) services are designed to meet the requirements of organizations planning to create, update, or improve their BI solutions or gain access to insightful reporting on a subscription basis. Teknodotsit offers a full range of BI services to assist businesses in gaining knowledge that enables driving cost savings, enhancing performance, and expanding their market share.

Whether it's BI development, revamp, improvement, or migration, we guarantee the success of your BI initiative by:

  • Combining voiced-out and unvoiced issues with fragmented business requirements to create a roadmap for implementation, improvement, and migration.
  • Developing a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid business intelligence solution on a cutting-edge and reliable technology foundation to support your strategic plan.
  • Providing guidance on the policies and procedures to guarantee data security and quality.
  • Developing user adoption and implementation strategies.
  • Providing proof-of-concept material (for complex projects).

We translate the consulting recommendations listed above into code to provide:

  • A centralized BI system that integrates data from various internal and external data sources and transforms it into insights. This system should include all BI components (a data lake, a data warehouse, online analytical processing cubes, extract-transform-load processes, reporting).
  • Data science capabilities, such as machine learning and deep learning, can give you advanced analytics that facilitate forecasting and the optimization of business processes.
  • Data quality management practices to guarantee that the data’s reliability is unquestionable.
  • Data security policies to ensure role-based access to data and map user roles and their permissions.

By providing development and administration support services, we assist you in maintaining the functionality of your BI solution:

  • Development support includes evolution, such as adding new data sources or developing new reports as your business needs change, as well as troubleshooting (i.e., handling problems on the code level), such as rewriting a defective ETL process.
  • Assistance with administration includes tasks like updating software, adding new users, managing permissions, and managing data.
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