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IoT full-range services from Teknodotsit include consulting, development and execution, analytics, support, and evolution. We will develop a dependable and affordable solution to address your business challenges, regardless of whether you intend to start an IoT initiative, upscale an existing IoT application, or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system.

Our IoT team offers the following services to companies at various IoT adoption stages:

  • Consulting
  • Regardless of the maturity level of your IoT endeavor, our team will work with you to explore IoT potential and create a solution that effectively satisfies your business goals.
  • You’ll get help from our IoT experts with:
  • Analyses of business.
  • Creating a project plan.
  • Choosing a technology platform.
  • Design of IoT infrastructure.
  • Designing a cybersecurity plan.
  •  In addition, our IoT experts are prepared to support you throughout any IoT

Assist the project's stakeholders and the implementation staff in working together. Give the implementation team the information and abilities they lack.

We walk alongside you as you undergo a digital change and guide your IoT project from "How?" to "Wow!" We create the perfect recipe for achieving your digital transformation goals by taking your vision, combining it with our subject expertise, and seasoning it with fresh ideas.

Our team will make sure to deliver an IoT solution that will increase operational effectiveness, hasten intelligent decision-making, and support the growth of your business, whether you develop an IoT solution from scratch or reengineer the existing solution to meet your new business objectives.

If you have a concept for an IoT solution, we will work with project stakeholders to comprehend the precise business goals you want to achieve, develop a thorough requirements specification, and then deliver the IoT solution specifically designed to achieve the goals.

As an alternative, our engineering team will actualize your detailed requirements specification. To determine the project's scope and complexity, as well as to provide a delivery schedule and budget, we analyze your specification. Once the project has been approved, we design and create software specifically for your company's needs.

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